The Freedom Call Story

 In March 2012, I gathered the teenagers at my youth group and began to pray. We prayed that God would touch our city.  I prophesied that one day we would host a worship night at the Dickinson High School Stadium. Of course, in my heart, I thought this would be somewhere in the distant future. I was quite content being a youth pastor at our church, but God had a bigger plan for us.

IMAGE: Student Pastor Lorena Garza preaching at Freedom Call 2019.

Soon after that service, three of our youth members began United For Christ, a Christian Club, at Dickinson High School. They got a teacher sponsor and asked the administration if we could host a youth rally at the stadium. I was still not sure of renting a whole stadium, so I told my pastors what happened and to my surprise, they said, “Go for it!” The administration permitted us so we contacted Dickinson ISD and scheduled our first Freedom Call. I am still amazed at how in five weeks we were able to get everything together!
I called friends to help me with the sound, bands, and promotions. I wrote letters to all the local churches to invite them to the event. On May 24, 2012, over 400 teenagers and adults gathered at the Sam Vitanza Stadium for our first Freedom Call where we all gathered to worship God! During the altar call at the track, many of the students and adults came down from the stands and gave their life to Jesus that night. Every year since I have worked closely with the Christian clubs at Dickinson High School and Dickinson Junior High schools.

IMAGE: Freedom Call 2019 promotional poster.

Through Christian clubs in Dickinson, many teenagers have been reached and their lives changed. As a church, we are partnering with the schools to represent the most strategic approach toward bringing a Godly change in our communities! Some teenagers may never step foot into our churches to hear the Gospel, but they will come to their school’s stadium for a free concert! Our goal is to have teenagers reach teenagers and advance the Kingdom of God. By partnering with Christian clubs in the schools, we bring Freedom Call right into their campus to bring students into direct contact with Jesus.
Lorena Garza
Student Pastor of Living Faith Outreach
Freedom Call Ministry Director